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Innovation Artistry

IA was created to facilitate and train people in the transforming power of People Performance, specifically as it relates to Leadership, Teamwork and Innovation.    We create value for businesses and organizations of all sizes by helping their professional people become more creative, innovative and productive, both as individuals and in teams.Our training and facilitation uses the performing and creative arts (music, theatre, dance, and the visual arts) to illustrate and change people’s perception and habits. We have not simply studied creativity or innovation, nor do we simply talk or write about it. We have practiced creativity and innovation in our daily lives as artists and entrepreneurs.  Our presentations are not just speeches with handouts or slides. We perform live works from all genres of music, demonstrate important concepts, and through participatory learning create memorable events.In concert with your leadership team we develop a custom workshop that meets your needs and expectations. Our hands-on workshops enable your people to experience directly the power of the “Continuous Practice of Creative Transformation.”The source of “creativity and innovation” is often misunderstood. Artists of all genres have daily “practices” which power the creative process. They develop virtuosity in both technique and their ability to create innovative content. The myriad “practices” of artists have long been seen as mystical or unattainable without the gift of a “talent.” IA demystifies the path to innovation, virtuosity, and creative transformation.