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First Principles of Innovation™

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The first step towards greater awareness is understanding that Prejudice Perverts Perception™.  Many of the decisions you make in any given day are guided by unconsciously formed mental habits. Through experience some judgements become reliable shortcuts, but not all experiences create useful perceptions.

Non-Habitual Perception™ (NHP) is a crucial component of discerning reality. It is a logical next-step beyond understanding P3. Moving beyond preconceived mind-maps is the only way to create innovation. NHP helps one understand the environment, see possibilities, make decisions, and self correct when errors are made. 

Virtuosity™  or mastery of skills is largely misunderstood in our culture. Skills are developed by the process of deliberate practice. The reality of daily practice is that it continually reinforces existing skills and with guidance develops new ones. This not only applies to the early stages of developing virtuosity but throughout life. Virtuosity learned, it can be managed, and it has big payoffs.

Presence Under Pressure™  Orienting to reality and developing mastery of important skills is of little use if one cannot perform under pressure.  Both external conditions and our own mental state affect our performance.  Performing optimally under pressure is a learnable skill.   It is not an inborn talent or gift; it is an understanding of how to stay present and be a presence in virtually any circumstance.

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