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The nexus of the exes:

expertise, experience, example = execution.

Leaders combine expertise and experience, the very example of which attracts and inspires followers to align, emulate and cooperate in executing action plans. We call it ‘the nexus of the exes’, the integration of three simple high qualities for high performance. 


Core competencies are essential fundamentals continuously maintained at a minimum level of virtuosity and continuously challenged to stretch and elevate that level. This continuous practice of creative transformation is itself expertise in developing expertise and is transposable to other areas of endeavor. 


Success and failure yield feedback that is the fertilizer for growth. No experience is irrelevant to sustained continuous development. Cross-discipline experience allows expansion of perspective, insights and vision to emerge. Imagination is exercised, expanded and further challenged. Nothing is unrelated; everything is useful. Innovation emerges through synthesis.


Leaders maintain an action orientation that serves as an example. They are not merely dreamers of ends they are visionaries of means put into profitable action. The value of their example is not in the fruits of the action, but in the performance of authoritative means, the fruits of which are also high-value consequences.