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Innovation Artistry Workshops:

SipeTrptIA“From the edge, for an edge; the power of knowledge from the periphery.”

The Goals:

•  Demonstrate through live performance, the innovative skills and practices that performing artists rely on daily;•  Illustrate that performance expertise – artistry – is transferable from domain to domain and that the acquisition of cross-discipline skills gives one an edge on competition;•  Train and develop Innovation Artistry skills and practices in our clients to give a performance edge to our clients.

The Method:

“Let me show you,” is always better than “let me tell you.”

Innovation Artistry presents a world-class brass ensemble, live! They are performance experts and practitioners who provide training in these powerful skills. Interactive concert-seminars demonstrate the principles, practices and processes of Innovation Artistry as illuminating case studies.     Live performance, discussion and coaching illustrate how innovative practices are combined from performance repertoire at the edges of diverse domains (ours and yours) and how performance expertise is transposable across domain boundaries.The Benefits:•  Improved situational intelligence and strategic thinking;•  High performance teams with a shared vision, cohesion, and synergy in execution.    •  Inspired, authentic leadership by example;•  Increased ROI, the result of maximized outcomes from minimized inputs; •  Professional presentation skills and clear, charismatic communications. Innovation Artistry is the highest-performance work ethos we can attain. It is familiar to the best business executives, scientists, inventors, teachers, artists, managers, law enforcement and military commanders.  It is present in teams and individual performance.  Innovation Artistry at this level is like poetry, dance, painting or music.  Leaders and followers alike practice it. The Takeaways:•  Knowledge of how to integrate purpose, people and processes for high-performance outcomes amidst relentless change.•  Specific leadership skills and practices: trust, situational intelligence, mental agility, and virtuosic performance as ‘standard operating procedure;•  Specific teamwork skills and practices: shared vision, cohesion, harmony and pervasive unity of action, exponential, not merely additive, production;•  Specific strategic thinking skills and practices: non-habitual perception, insight, strategic vision, real-time decision-making, action and feedback evaluation.