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Innovation Artistry can bring this “know-how” to the table.

Specifically we can show:

1) How to create and execute plans, tasks, or goals in a variety of contexts.

Teamwork is a product of personnel and business challenges, but what happens when a team confronts a new challenge or the make-up of a team changes?

We demonstrate in real-time how groups can reconfigure themselves and perform different styles of music. More importantly, we can show the differences between styles and how that affects the ensembles, whether its the highly detailed score of a classical symphony or the looser framework of an improvisatory jazz tune. The musical metaphors take you on a journey through various techniques for problem solving.

2) How individuals develop the skills and attitudes to be flexible.

Successfully move in and out of teams, projects, and tasks. Musicians perform is a wide variety of venues; from the concert hall, to clubs, or the recording studio. Think of this as the different markets in which your company competes. We show how to stay focused on what matters, no matter what the environment.

3) How to systematically improve a team’s skills.

Here’s where individual skills are shared among the group, where domain knowledge is leveraged. At some point in time – over the life of the team – everyone learns to be a mentor and a student; a leader and a follower.  This is where productivity comes from; by successfully combining and recombining people with “shared understanding and conviction to improve.”

Obviously, our concepts regarding “Non-habitual Perception, Virtuosity, and Presence Under Pressure are relevant as well. If you would like more information of how we can transfer our practices into yours, contact us here.