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From the edge, for an edge; the power of knowledge from the periphery.

BigWave High performance, innovation and transformation – the demands of today’s global competitive environment – cannot be produced by systems that habitually preclude the emergence of novel, useful ideas.

As Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.”

The knowledge we have to share with you comes from the edge. Actually multiple edges where diverse cultural, experiential and educational repertoires merge and exchange the best metaphorical information and energy.Exploration and discovery from within non-habitual orientations or perspectives train you to expect the unexpected – to welcome new vistas and insights – and to make them part of your performance repertoire.High-performance repertoire such as innovation and transformation must be ‘built into’ productive systems and be ‘built to last’ (that is, built to be continually mutable). This is a cybernetic reality.The essence of what makes Innovation Artistry beautiful, elegant and fun is its simple coherence, resonance and harmony.

Oliver Wendell Holmes put it succinctly, “I wouldn’t give two cents for simplicity this side of complexity. But I’d give my life for simplicity the other side of complexity.”