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Principal Player™ – executive leadership

A responsible leader communicates the “plan” to teams or work groups  Discerning leaders understand how to articulate clarity amid complexity, ideally using a combination of core principles with an openness to new ideas.

PRINCIPAL PLAYER™ begins and ends with moral suasion by example, transcending mere core competency and technical mastery. Principal Players’ performance is based on adept situational intelligence; virtuosity – especially under stress – that persuades, inspires and activates colleagues in voluntary alignment, committed cooperation and unified execution of strategic goals. Learn how to lead, listen and follow – authentically and with authority – all at the same time!

Principal Players observe continuously changing reality and define orientations to it.

Decisions and actions flow from within a non-habitual, heightened situational awareness and feed back to further inform observation and orientation. This is a continuous valuation system, weighted toward actions and their profitable outcomes – ROI.