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Innovation Topics:

• FIRST PRINCIPALS™, an introduction to Prejudice Perverts Perception and Non-Habitual Perception. “Learn how our mental maps of the world influence our perceptions and behaviors.”

• VIRTUOSITY™ is disciplined excellence, with excellence not merely as an end to be acquired, but with excellence as a source for continued discovery. individual mastery and accountability; high performance when it counts the most. “Discover this powerful tool that when used as a daily discipline yields virtuosic performance at any developmental level, in any domain.”

Teamwork Topics:

• ENSEMBLE™ is a metaphor for the practical, valuable, profitable output of team effort, the creative work we do together. This is the real work of improving the function and output of groups of all sizes. Ensemble is the joy of sharing the work and fruits of virtuosity with others.

• SCORE™ is strategic planning that empowers both individual and ensemble virtuosity. Whether creating and following a carefully laid institutional plan or improvising in real time within a rapidly changing environment, orientation (perspective), insight and vision either enhance or hamstring performance, and make a critical difference between mediocre and stellar outcomes.

Leadership Topics:

• PRINCIPAL PLAYER™: Leadership and follow-ship; the context of our actions and heightened awareness of group dynamics. Learn how to lead, listen and follow – all at the same time.

• PRESENCE UNDER PRESSURE™  Orienting to reality and developing mastery of important skills is of little use if one cannot perform under pressure. Both external conditions and our own mental state affect our performance.  Performing optimally under pressure is a learnable skill. It is not an inborn talent or gift; it is an understanding of how to stay present and be a presence under virtually any circumstance.

Innovation Artistry:

• Innovation Artistry – this session brings innovation and execution together. Innovation Artistry is the practice of integrating purpose, people and processes to improve individual and organizational performance amidst continual change; it is a continuous practice of creative transformation.

We create value for businesses of all sizes by helping their professional people become more creative, innovative and productive, both as individuals and in teams.